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Join Onyx's Annual academic excellence competition that culminates in The Onyx Jubilee at our Anniversary Summit. Participate to earn scholarships, Onyx prizes, sponsorships, and valuable experience while making connections & developing your capabilities.  

Academic Competitions for Onyx Master Learners

Earn Onyx scholarships, prizes, and academic apprenticeship opportunities.

Join case competitions, debates, conferences, and summits hosted and coached by Onyx to enhance your academic experience and collaborate with a community of learners all thriving for growth and development.
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What is Onyx League?

Train as an Onyx University Student-Athlete

  • Who can participate?

    All Onyx Master Learners are invited to participate in Onyx League. However, do note that Onyx League is held in English at this time.

  • What will I learn?

    Onyx League events cover a wide range of topics common ones being: the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Onyx 6 Cs of Digital Capability, Personal Finance & Branding, "Adulting", and more.

  • What will we do?

    We will lead you through a project-based experience that progresses you from foundational knowledge through personal and/or professional application to what you have learned.

  • What can I earn?

    You can earn a variety of prizes, rewards, and opportunitites through Onyx League ranging from Onyx products to scholarships to opportunities for service & development.